Our values are at the heart of everything we do and our teams are passionate about living them in their day to day work.

Company Values

Family Feel

“At BPT we are approachable, open, honest and helpful. We are welcoming and friendly, we enjoy each others company and are respectful of others while we deliver the results.”

Pull Together

“We work together as one team to do the best for our customers. We understand the needs of other departments and support each other. We celebrate success of our own and other’s achievements and enjoy working together”

Encourage Free Thinking

“We are energetic and innovative and are inspired by new ideas and creative thinking. We have high aspirations and ambition and are excited by delivering truly unique solutions.”

Proud Of Our Quality

“We are proud of the service we give and of the products we sell. We are passionate about doing a great job in a safe environment in every department.”

Future Vision

“The BPT team prides itself on its ambitious plans for growth fuelled by developing outstanding People, Products and Brands, and by keeping promises to our valued customers”