History of BPT

BPT has over 40 years experience of developing innovative trade brands and products.

History of BPT

The Company was created by an entrepreneur in the early 70’s who started the Company out of a small workshop, developing innovative products for the trade sector. The company, known as Birchwood Products at that time, grew quickly as new products and brands were launched.

The company’s most established brands were launched in the late 90’s and in the early 2000’s: The first Defender products were launched in 1997, with Van Vault in 1998 and Scruffs in 2003. These brands have become leaders in their respective markets and are renowned for their quality, performance and stylish design.

Key Dates


In 2008, Birchwood Products was acquired by BSS PLC and merged with power tool wholesaler Price Tools (Birmingham) to form Birchwood Price Tools (BPT).


In 2011, BPT was acquired by the Travis Perkins Group. This accelerated the Company’s growth giving access to the Travis Perkins distribution network.

2012 - 2014

Between 2012 and 2014, growth was further accelerated with new brand launches including Tough Grit (entry-level workwear and safety footwear), along with Bullet (woodscrews) & Punk (power tool accessories) for the Travis Perkins Group.


In September 2018, Birchwood Price Tools was sold by Travis Perkins Group to Yeovil based Toolstream Limited.