Quality and Innovation

Quality and innovation are priorities for BPT. Our teams are challenged everyday to develop the next generation of innovative products and to ensure all our products are of the highest quality standards.

Quality and Innovation

BPT focuses relentlessly on new product development and innovation, developing highly technical performance products, using end user insight, and working with the best manufacturing partners around the globe.

Quality is paramount to BPT. Products are rigorously tested both internally, and by third party industry experts, to ensure they meet the highest standards. The Company has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Toni Allen, UK Head of Client Propositions at the British Standard Institution (BSI) commented: “By gaining certification to ISO9001, BPT has demonstrated their commitment to improving the quality of their systems and services. Implementing processes that allow them to enhance the way in which they operate will ensure improved operational performance and more efficient ways of working.”

This certification demonstrates that BPT has implemented an effective Quality Management System to an internationally recognised standard across the business, which satisfies for the products and services we provide to our customers. As part of this, the business has also demonstrated that it has the correct measures in place to monitor customer satisfaction and react accordingly, a strong commitment from BPT.

In addition to this, BPTs approach to product innovation, has seen the Company awarded with numerous awards over the years for products such as the Defender Uplight Light which won both the ‘Hire Product of the Year’ award and the ‘Design Week’ award for ‘Best Product’.

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