Quality Policy

Birchwood Price Tools is an innovative company which creates and brings leading brands to market, aimed at improving the working day of skilled tradespeople.

Our key commitments of the business are:

- Being fanatical about customers and building their trust

- Developing market-leading brands which tradespeople love

- Having engaged colleagues, working as one team and making smart decisions

- Being efficient in all aspects of our operations

- Making money and ensuring sustainable growth

- Birchwood Price Tools’ commitment to continual improvement of our Quality Management System (Q.M.S) will be measured through the success of meeting all of our customer requirements though our Key Performance Indicators.

The Q.M.S shall be implemented and maintained by the the Senior Management Team in conjunction with the Site Quality Manager following ISO 9001:2015. All employees are empowered to follow the Q.M.S of Birchwood Price Tools through their approach to policies and procedures and customer needs.

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate