Quality Policy

It is Birchwood Price Tools’ Quality Policy to ensure that identified Customer requirements concerning quality, product innovation,product safety, brand value and service are consistently and profitably met through all phases of contract performance. In all activities, the Company is committed to ‘getting it right first time - every time’.

The Q.M.S. shall be implemented and maintained by the Senior Technical Development Manager who shall have a direct line of responsibility and reporting to the Managing Director.

The Quality Policy shall be implemented by a functional network of designated ‘competent process owners’ within a formal Quality Management System (Q.M.S.). Employees will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and resources necessary to enable them to contribute to the successful deployment of the Company’s Quality Policy and the realisation of its objectives.

The performance and effectiveness of the Quality Management System shall be monitored and periodically reviewed by senior management to ensure that declared objectives are met and necessary actions taken to ensure that its effectiveness is continually improved. The Q.M.S. shall be actively supported by the Company’s senior management and to ensure sound operational and quality assurance practices, shall where necessary be implemented through the application of the procedures and work instructions contained in the Birchwood Price Tools Quality Manual. Employee compliance with Birchwood Price Tools’ Q.M.S. procedures shall be mandatory and will represent the minimum operating standard applied by the Company.

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