LED Luminator Floodlight Tower Trial

LED Luminator Floodlight Tower Trial

Product trial held at - Artisan Hire

Trial Length: On trial out in the yard 24 hours a day for three months (October- December 2015)


'The Defender LED Luminator from Birchwood is a fantastic machine. There are clearly lots of benefits to this product. Not only is it super bright, it was very easy to carry into position.

The low wattage means it does not draw on any power and has no noise. It is comparable to the VTI mobile lighting towers except they feature a big diesel generator when the Defender Luminator runs on a stand 110V supply.

More importantly, the Luminator can be positioned into hard to reach areas, whereas the large generator lights cannot. This product is ideal for when working at night near a residential area- after all, you don't want a generator light humming all night.'

Jason King
Managing Director of Artisan Hire


Product trial held at - Speedy Services

Trial Length: 3 weeks during April 2016


'The Defender Luminator was the perfect light for our customers use when refurbishing warehouse space. Not only is the light output very strong, it is also multi directional so only the area we needed to light was luminated.

Because the light only draws 374 watts we hired it out with a portable generator resulting in less fuel consumption and lower noise levels compared with a traditional tower light.

Transportation around the level warehouse floor was easy thanks to the integral nylon wheels and the "screw n lock" outriggers provide reassurance than the unit is stable in site conditions.

The hire was only for 3 days due to the tight turnaround requirements of our client however the lights were on 24/7 for this period and needless to say with the clever LED technology this Defender product performed perfectly.'

Peter Brady
Speedy Services Warrington MSC